Dana Falconberry suffuses the majesty of nature in the orchestral pop-folk she elegantly crafts in Leelanau, her inaugural release for Oakland’ Antenna Farm Records.  Citing influences ranging from the prints of artist Gwen Frostic, the books of Willa Cather, and the stark, childs-eye beauty of the Swedish film Let The Right One In, Falconberry finds lyrical inspiration in her idyllic childhood retreats to the Great Lakes State’s Leelanau peninsula. The result is a set of eloquent verse reflecting upon the region to which she has returned almost every summer since she was born.

Being born and raised in Michigan, Dana moved to Austin, TX several years ago.  She is thriving musically in her new hometown, heralded by the Austin Chronicle as one of the city’s “most arresting female vocalists” and in 2011 she starred in the critically-lauded documentary on the Austin music scene, Echotone, a New York Times Critics’ Pick. In addition to her solo work, Dana has worked extensively with her contemporaries, frequently collaborating with Matt Bauer (Brooklyn) and most recently providing backing vocals for the Heartless Bastards (Austin) for some of their 2012 tour dates. She has shared stages with Okkervil RiverShearwaterMegafaunFather John Misty and Dr. Dog, captivating audiences with her powerful live shows. In addition to extensive tours through the US, Europe, and Japan, Dana has recorded two Daytotter sessions and a Laundromatinee session for My Old Kentucky Blog.

For Leelanau, Falconberry was determined to push herself as a songwriter while staying true to the sound and aesthetic that had earned her a growing fan base in Austin and beyond. While previous recordings emphasized the sparse and delicate, on Leelanau, Dana’s fairy-like voice is bolstered by the exquisite orchestration of a six-piece band (Gina Dvorak, Karla Manzur, Matthew Shepherd, Christopher Cox, Lindsey Verrill) who are central to the bountiful soundscapes Falconberry creates. The newly developed string arrangements (arranged by bandmember Cox and performed by Austin’s Tosca String Quartet) match the growth in Falconberry’s songwriting approach. Leelanau was recorded by Grant Johnson, mixed by Danny Reisch (of Shearwater), and produced by Johnson, Cox, and Falconberry.

Some nice things people have said about us…

"Her music is gentle yet intricate: a rusticated chamber music using bajo, cello, and staggered, contrapuntal vocal harmonies with the other women in her band, in songs full of wordless interludes that unfurled a skein of possibilities." - John Pareles - New York Times

"With backing vocalists Gina Dvorak and Karla Manzur helping evaporate Falconberry’s ornate ballads into a cappella curlicues, the audience fell silent enough to hear the afternoon breeze bending tree branches overheads." - Chris Richards - Washington Post

"…My new favorite is Dana Falconberry." - Robin Hilton - NPR All Songs Considered

On her latest record, Leelanau, Dana translates nature sounds into wonderous musical worlds – bird chirps are emulated by joyous bursts of vocal harmonization, wind rushes are transformed into gentle acoustic guitar strums, and the forest spirit is captured by lush orchestral parts." - Fred Knittel - WXPN’s Folkadelphia

"Charlevoix," "Tahquemenon," "Muskegon," "Leelanau." The song titles of orchestral pop songstress Dana Falconberry’s forthcoming record, Leelanau, are as exquisite and unpronounceable as the music itself.” - Harley Brown - Spin

"On the right day, with the right dreamy light, this’ll hit straight to the heart" - Duncan Cooper - FADER

”**** …Her vocal experimentation nestles in campfire classical arrangements and plucked strings, dramatic rests, vibrating flourishes, brilliant countermelodies, and practical whistling accompaniment – all sounds as pastoral as wind through the trees.” - Kevin Curtin - Austin Chronicle

"Mixing the sweet nostalgia of folk music with an unexpected dash of soul, Falconberry’s music takes you on a journey, like a good book on a rainy day." - Ali Hoffman - Nylon Magazine

"Falconberry can knock you out with one push of a breath and just the introductory notes of a song that will continue to flutter and flit all the way to its high perches." - Sean Moeller - Daytrotter

"Oh, we got a new rug! Look at that thing! Fancy, fancy…ok" - John Aielli - KUT Austin

"Few artists manage to charm their listeners as easily and quickly as Dana Falconberry does on her newest LP, Leelanau.” - Jordan Bloom - Popmatters

Leelanau … is a masterpiece for the way that she uses nature (and lush harmonies, sophisticated arrangements, and inimitable songwriting) to illustrate the challenges of living a very human life on this planet Earth.” - ovrld

"If angels exist they sound like Dana Falconberry." - Bryan Parker - Pop Press International

"You’ve crafted something unlike anything I’ve heard before." - Joe DeCeault - WBEZ Chicago

"It’s a rarity when a supporting act’s performance rivals that of the headliner." - Brianna Kelly - Gapers Block

Top Ten Austin Albums of 2012 - Austin Town Hall


"Carefully performed, beautifully arranged, this is the kind of hand-made music that’s almost a family heirloom. Woven vocal harmonies, softly plucked strings, a cracked patina voice; it’s beautiful and fascinating and something you’d like to keep to yourself rather than share around."
Devon Leger, No Depression

"Her poetic lyrics and gentle, rich voice are perfect for a day inside, hiding from the cold and rain."
VIDEO PREMIER at Bust Magazine

"Dana Falconberry’s new EP Though I Didn’t Call It Came is quietly epic and ripe with wonder. The purity of her vocals and engaging presence make her live shows as captivating as a summer evening.”
Philip Majorins, PopMatters

“Falconberry, who in the past tended to keep things on the sparse side, branches out into an orchestral-folk arrangement, complimenting the high pitch that lines her voice with strings and harps.”
SINGLE PREMIER at MTV Hive, Mike Ayers

“Whether it’s Dana’s distinctively airy vocals or the deliciously vintage instrumentation that force listeners back to their happy place, there is no denying that Dana Falconberry is one of the most enjoyable young singer/songwriters to have landed in Austin in a long time.”
Peter Babb, KUT Austin

As the title [Though I Didn’t Call It Came] reflects, this is the type of music that grabs you by the guts and takes over all your insides without you ever having asked it to.”
Off The Air

My Old Kentucky Blog - Live Video Premier

To Eleven

The Austin Grid

Direct Current

6 Days From Tomorrow

Drunken Werewolf

Austin ME

Alt Sounds

Glorious Noise

Adobe Airstream

The Music Ninja


"Falconberry has one of the loveliest voices around. On her second full-length release, Halletts (2010),  her delicate inflections and harmonies paint such poignant tones throughout. It’s absolutely timeless and gorgeous."
KUT Austin

“One of Austin’s best kept secrets – and hopefully not for much longer…”
Bruce Warren, WXPN

“One of the city’s ‘most promising singer-songwriters’ and ‘most arresting female vocalists’…”
The Austin Chronicle

“Extremely talented…[her] album has been in constant rotation around here all month.”
Gorilla vs Bear

“Falconberry makes music that seems to spring from an unnamed place and time.”
Jeff McCord, Texas Monthly

“It’s lo-fi folk, sure, but don’t expect anything syrupy or whiney. Falconberry can manage intimacy without cheap sentiment.”
The Austinist

“Dana Falconberry puts on a fascinatingly flawless live show, and her best songs are complete with some really beautiful chord progressions that could almost pass for the melancholy melodic fragments of a Cole Porter piece.”
We Shot JR

“Within her voice echoes the legacy of stories long passed down in song, the simple and direct witness to time and perseverance that connects the personal with the communal, worn desperation and youthful defiance, and the anachronistic balance of past and present.”
Doug Freeman, Austin Chronicle

Recorded and live performances featured on:

KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, Paste Magazine’s Issue 28 Sampler CD, Gorilla vs. Bear Sirius Radio